A Word from Ryan Reid


Hello, and welcome to Vote Ryan Reid.com! My name is Ryan Reid, and I’m a Republican running for the Louisiana House of Representatives for District 15. It’s time to put some new blood into Louisiana’s government with new ideas tempered by Christian Conservatism. Getting to Baton Rouge is going to take a lot of help from you, though. I need your support! Please consider attending the events we have scheduled on this site, sending us an email, telling people about the campaign, donating below, and, of course, turning out to vote on October 12, 2019. This fall, we’re going to change what Louisiana politics means. Together, we can redefine our state. Thank you, and please join us!


Re-Define Louisiana


RE-Define Louisiana Business

Ryan Reid wants to redefine Louisiana Politics, a term that has driven out businesses through high taxes, regulation, corruption, and cronyism. 


RE-Define Louisiana Justice

Louisiana suffers from one of the highest crime rates in the country. Join Ryan Reid in strengthening our law enforcement and justice system.


RE-Define Louisiana Learning

Being a Louisiana educator gives Ryan Reid a particular insight to the needs of our students, teachers, and families.



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